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Smart home application, the whole world in your hands.

How it Works

Device Management

Connect and manage devices easily, intuitive interface.

Instant alerts

Instant alerts when there is a change in the status or abnormal operation of the device.

Easy installation

Choose alerts, weather units, change personal information easily.

Smart script

Create coordination scenarios between sockets, switches and other types of sensors

Remote control

With the APPA SMART application, you can control the device at any location through a Smartphone connected to Wifi.

Multi-device control

APPA SMART application is compatible with many different types of devices in many fields (kitchen, household, health, burglar alarm, surveillance solution...).

Real-time alerts

When combining wifi door sensors, wifi infrared sensors, or APPA SMART cameras and burglar alarms into the application, users can receive app push alerts as soon as unusual problems are occurring out in the house.

Automatic context

One of the features that many people look for when using a smart device management middleware app is the ability to create contexts automatically. An automated context is a sequence of actions arranged so that devices can 'communicate' and act upon a request. Users can set up basic contexts such as opening the door with the light on, someone turning on the fan, turning off the light in the morning and opening the coffee machine....

Schedule on and off

On-off schedule is a function that allows users to set the on/off time of all smart devices according to a fixed time frame each day. For example, you can set the lights to automatically turn off at 10 pm and turn on at 5 am, and turn off the fan at 5 am and turn on the fan at 10 pm.

Mode away from home, close to home

In the APPA SMART application, users can set up devices that can be turned on and off automatically when the account holder is within a radius of 100m or away from home without having to manually turn it on/off every time he gets home. App is extremely versatile.
appa smart

What does Appa Smart have?

The products and devices using Appa Smart application are extremely diverse:

Appa Smart smart control device: Appa Smart switch, Appa Smart socket, contactor, smart light bulb, smart electric fan...

Appa Smart sensor device: Appa Smart door sensor, infrared sensor, ..

Appa Smart smart security device: Smart camera, smart alarm, …

And many other product groups. All products are capable of connecting to wireless IoT (internet of things) such as: Wifi/Bluetooth/Zigbee/GPRS

appa smart

Advantages of using a device using Appa Smart application:

Appa Smart works with outstanding advantages:

All devices can interact with each other.

Devices using Appa Smart application use Wifi/Zigbee/GPRS/Bluetooth wireless connection.

Common use is 1 application control and management.

Data status, settings, context are stored on a globally deployed smart cloud, using a Wi-Fi system that mainly allows you to control the device remotely from anywhere. Internet.

The ability to share quickly for many users in the family, an unlimited number of devices can be added on the same account registered on the Control App. In addition, data security is also ensured through a military-grade AES encryption system that includes strong symmetric encryption algorithms, dynamic key allocation, https encrypted channels, and virtual device access.



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Appa Smart software is an IoT application (Internet of Things) to manage many smart devices in homes and farms. In the Appa Smart smart home ecosystem, there are many devices: remote infrared control, light bulbs, air conditioners, Tuya smart sockets, smart switches, temperature sensors, human sensors, sensors. turn smoke ...

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